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    Sky Drop Summary


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    Sky Drop Summary

    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:30 pm

    Sky Drop is a world high above the freezing waters of Ichen which was once a beautiful green paradise where dreams come true. One treacherous night, a wave of ocean water buried the city before temperatures dropped creating it's icy grave. To survive, climb to the highest peak but whatever you do stay on the ledge for falling off will reset your travels.

    Collect coins on your adventures and progress to higher levels not yet known. Find the cube near the top to move forward if you make it that far.

    Sky Drop is a side-scroller game, where coins are to be collected, and puzzles to be solved. There are moving platforms that you will have to jump onto just right. As you advance the levels will get harder. Survive all levels without dying and win the game.

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