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    Kakotopia Summary


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    Kakotopia Summary

    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:28 pm

    The year 2015, the world went on as normal. Genetic testing to improve the quality of human genes were in full human testing stage. The tests were successful until one evil scientist slipped in a mix that would completely altar humans the pure and simple instinctual survival programmed to kill.

    Gage was one of the lucky few that escaped the laboratories when all hell broke loose and the Genocides completely destroyed every human in their path. Gage has all of their strengths and still kept his humanity. He no longer registers as humans to the Genocides so he can walk among them as one.

    The year 2070, Gage has not aged since that fateful day so long ago. His mission in life is to destroy the Genocides, find human survivors and take back the city he calls home. Along the way he also falls in love but he does not realize it until she is captured by the evil scientist and frozen in cryostasis.

    Is this all too much for one man? Can he really rebuild the city, protect the human race, rescue the love of his life while defeating the evil scientist  and army of Genocides....only time will tell and  there is not much left of that. Can you kick it? Well put the jiggle in your boots and let's go...

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