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    Thirst Summary


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    Thirst Summary

    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:38 pm

    Thirst is an action adventure survival game where a young man was bitten by a vampire one night and he feels like he is losing his humanity.

    Shane wakes up in Bloodlust at his home and all he can think of are two things. His wife....and...Blood. He does not want to give in to those cravings so he wants to find his wife. However, Bahl, the leader of Aranok, has taken her hostage until he can see reason and join them.

    You see he has special gifts and is valued by many. One is the ability to see into the future. Find clues of her whereabouts and run through the streets. Find blood or rest to build your health up. If you let your thirst get the best of you your health bar will deplete and you shall go on a killing spree and attract the vampire hunter who will kill you. Don't be caught outside after sunrise or you shall return to dust.

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